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Sometimes called carding or brand spoofing, phishing is a fraudulent way for criminals to gain access to your personal and financial information over the Internet. They do this by sending phony e-mail messages that purport to come from legitimate and familiar businesses that people commonly have dealings with.

The messages may look quite authentic, featuring corporate logos and formats similar to the ones you may be used to seeing. Often the email will ask for verification of certain information, like account numbers and passwords, to allegedly check or validate your account.

You may then be directed to a counterfeit Web site that asks you to provide information such as your social security number, passwords, PIN numbers or codes that will give criminals easy access to your accounts. Up to 20% of recipients may respond to these scams, resulting in financial losses, identity theft and other fraudulent activity against them.

Email sent within our Online Banking system is secure. In order to access it, you must log in with you Online Banking ID and password. Please do not send the bank confidential information such as account numbers or social security numbers using regular Internet Email, because it is not secure.

Georgetown Bank will never send you any email in regular Internet Email asking for your confidential information.

Read more about steps you can take to protect yourself, click here.

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